respond, 2019




The gallery BELLEPARAIS is neither a white cube nor a pure showroom. It is characterized by a studio and studio atmosphere in which the concepts of public and private overlap. In addition to furniture, BELLEPARAIS contains special features such as a parquet floor strongly marked by time and history or a wall whose traces of color point to past times up to the beginning of the 20th century when the house was built. Under the exhibition title „respond“, the graduates of the Munich Art Academy Anna Greckl, Franz Stein and Katharina Stumm now take proportions, dimensions and the obvious in BELLEPARAIS as their starting point and form a temporary collective. They react to the charismatic space, relate to light and shadow situations, act quasi like chroniclers of the course of light during the day and researchers during the exhibition period. Conceptually speaking in terms of images, it is about artistic reflection, about the reduction of time, about intersections of body and space, acoustically speaking about resonance. Using means made of paper, interwoven, sewn and photographic and graphic works, they refer to space and surroundings as well as to each other. The result is a joint work of art that aims to change in the course of the exhibition, to drive processes forward – for example, by using light-sensitive materials such as thermal paper or rolls of sales slips.